Animal Activists Protest Walmart

5 years ago by mercyforanimals

It's one of the largest retail grocery chains in America, its known for its everyday low prices, however Walmart is now becoming known for something else. The non-profit organization "Mercy for Animals" is targeting the mega-store for its use of pork suppliers who they say treat the animals inhumanely. Now they're taking the pig fight to Victoria asking customers to "Not Bring Home the Bacon".

The group was protesting at the Glascow entrance into Walmart Monday morning in hopes of opening a few eyes and ears to the cruelty they said is behind some of the mega store's meat. Banned in nine states, the use of gestation crates to raise livestock has been called inhumane and heartless by animal activists for years. National Campaign Coordinator for "Mercy for Animals", Jeni Haines says Walmart Canada has already agreed to stop use of the crates. The tour will continue until Tuesday at their next stop in Corpus Christi. They said the tour ends in August, but if nothing comes of their protests, they will plan another tour.

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