Questions Vegans Are Tired Of Answering

5 years ago by BuzzFeedYellow

All the questions you've always wanted to ask a vegan. (Every vegan has a friend who just can't stop asking questions).

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Here are all of the questions featured in this video...

How do you live without cheese?
What do you put in your coffee?
What do you eat for breakfast?
Does the smell of bacon make you want it?
Is breast milk vegan?
Do you wear leather?
What about silk?
What about wool?
Why do you think you're better than me?
What's your stance on honey?
What about goat cheese?
What about Velveeta?
If swerving your car to avoid an animal meant that you hit a human, would you do it?
Aren't plants living creatures, too?
What about microbes?
What about coconut milk?
Is peanut butter vegan?
Wasn't Hitler a vegan?
Is semen vegan?
I tried once... couldn't do it.
If i gave you $3000 would you take a bite of this cheeseburger?
Would you kill a mosquito?
Wouldn't cows explode if you stopped milking them?
If you kiss someone right after they eat meat, does that count?
You're on a desert island, you have to hunt to survive, would you eat meat?
If you don't want to eat meat, why do you eat fake meat?

Starring Matt Stopera and Jack Shepherd (who really is a vegan).

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