Blood is Blood ~ 269Life ~

4 years ago by 269lifecom, 269 Life

*extremely graphical content - Trigger warning!*

As a part of 269life's 5th international event, on march 21st 2014, a provocative bloodletting demo took place outside Susan Delal Center in Tel Aviv. In the event, a luxurious white table was placed in the center of the public square. 8 diners sat by the table; 4 men and 4 women, all wearing white and with misshapen masks covering their faces. A minotaur figure (half man, half bull) walked around while furiously cutting into their bodies. Waiters, dressed in white, served the anonymous diners with meat (plant based), the diners bled into their own wine glasses. Quickly the dinner turned into a blood bath, once the minotaur started the blood ritual, by pouring the diners own blood onto their plates. Once the diners started to faint from the blood loss, the waiters appeared again, this time dragging the diners away from the dinner table and wrapping them in plastic.
This performance art was aimed to shed light on the brutality and primitive nature, involved in the modern meat-eating, dining ritual.
Blood is Blood!