Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary - Ep. 1: Pasture Rotation

8 years ago by farmsanctuary1

Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary Series Episode One: Pasture Rotation Our Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary video series, featured on our popular "Sanctuary Tails" blog at gives you an exclusive sneak peek behind our barn doors and transports you straight to our beautiful, bustling sanctuaries where you'll follow the activities of our shelter staff and animal residents as they carry out their daily routines. You are sure to be captivated, delighted and moved by all that you learn and see! In this our first exciting episode, National Shelter Director Susie Coston explains the importance of pasture rotation and takes you right along as she shows the New York Shelter cattle, sheep and goats that the grass really is greener in different parts of the farm. You definitely won't want to miss this chance to see our cute farm animal friends frolicking in the fields! "folky dokey" by panu moon