WTF Do You Eat????

6 years ago by VeganSmythe

If you're a vegan you've heard this question! If you know a vegan you've asked it (don't worry it doesn't piss us off one bit.. ) WTF do you eat??? Hope you enjoy and share this comedy song by me -- Vegan Smythe.

Most of the food images are for real (and delicious) vegan recipes which can be found online. Use your pause button, copy, find and cook. If you have any problems message me via Facebook /vegansmythe.

These are the websites that the recipes come from:,,,,,,,,,,, and

The only exceptions are the vegan pizza, burger and hotdog which are restaurant made, but you can find many many vegan recipes for these on the net. Or you can check out your nearest vegan restaurant -- you may just love it!