Kayli the cow meets the Steer

7 years ago by WoodstockSanctuary

June 18, 2011: Kayli, a young "beef breed" cow, made a dash for her life from a slaughterhouse just outside of Philadelphia. She was being loaded into the holding pen of the Madina Live Poultry market where goats, sheep, chickens and other animals awaited death. This particular market is a Halal slaughterhouse catering to Muslim customers, but such "live kill" markets are extremely common in urban areas — they sell meat to people from many different cultures. Kayli saw an opportunity and made a break for it--running through the streets for close to an hour searching for safety. Wouldn't anyone? But sadly she was captured by police and returned to the same pen with the other terrified, doomed animals. Go to woodstocksanctuary.org and search for "Kayli" to read about the happy ending depicted in this video.